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About the Author
Lina C. Amarego

Growing up on the east coast in small-town New Jersey, Lina spent her early days playing pretend and making up stories for her friends and family, a pastime that would soon turn into a lifelong passion for storytelling in all its forms. A recovering theatre kid at heart and a therapist by profession, Lina loves the study of human behavior and relationships, infusing both into her writing craft. When she's not scribbling ideas about fictional worlds into the margins of her notebooks, Lina spends her time reading anything she can get her hands on, driving her husband crazy with her wild daydreams, and snuggling her adorable pup. 

Lina founded Silver Wheel Press in 2020 as a publishing label for her own debut novel, Daughter of the Deep (an IndieBrag recipient), and her subsequent titles. However, in 2021 the project expanded to include other authors, creating a hybrid publishing system to uplift and inspire other independent writers. Silver Wheel Press remains dedicated to supporting quality stories told with authenticity, creativity, and just enough fantasy to keep the daydreams alive.

Where to contact Lina:

Instagram: @Lina_amarego_writes


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